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Why sell on Tweakx

No upfront marketing costs
Exposure to a large audience
Extra marketing channel
Test products really fast, get traction to products you launch
We handle payments, refunds, affiliates and promotions on partner websites

What you get

  • Extra income without spending anything on marketing
  • Customers
  • Free Website traffic
  • Editorial features on our partners websites

Why Customers Love Tweakx

Highly Discounted Products
Quality Products
Access to products that otherwise would be a lot more expensive
Access to exclusive deals and products
Amazing customer support

How it works?

After you submit your product, one of our colleagues will  approve it if it fits our audience and passes our quality standards. Once everything is in place(agreements, terms&conditions) we start working to get traffic for your product(s).

  • front page promotion
  • we feature you in our weekly newsletter
  • search visibility

We pay $0.30/download, minimum payout is $20.

We send payments every month on the 15th for the previous month. Your payment is made via Paypal or bank transfer.


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