Retouch Kit Pro


Have you ever done photo retouches that took a few hours just to clean it up? And at the end, you didn’t quite get that natural look you really wanted? Now, you don’t have to spend so much time doing it, because we’ve come up with a solution for you to do it in less than ten minutes!

And we’re not just saying that just look at the actual process in the video below.

The set of actions guides you through each step, and you only have to add in a few brush strokes. You don’t even need a graphic tablet for it, you can simply do it with your mouse. These are the highest quality effects you can ever use and they work on both amateur and professional photos.

Take a look at what you get:

With this tool, you can easily edit the Frequency Separation, Skin Tone, Lips and add Blush. Have a look at the help videos:

1. Frequency Separation

2. Skin Clean-up & Blend

3. Blusher

4. Skin Tone

5. Lips


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